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Updated: 09/18/2017
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CURSE OF MESOPOTAMIA now available worldwide and selected for the Panama film festival 2017. U.S, Mexico, France, U.K, Germany, Italy…... Read More
PUZZLED IN BRIDGEPORT, CT. Melissa just wrapped the pilot of the new digital series "Puzzled", a comedy by director-writer Michael... Read More
IN POST: THE LEASE a thriller alongside Haylie Duff and Teri Polo... Melissa Mars shot in Los Angeles the thriller... Read More
OCTOBER 2017 - U.S DVD RELEASE FOR VIRTUAL REVOLUTION!! Cornrows, shooting arrows and fighting.... Melissa Mars totally transformed for her... Read More
IN PREPARATION: HAUNTED MEMORIES. A dark, deep character for Melissa in “Haunted Memories”, in this pilot in preproduction directed by... Read More
THE UN/DESIRABLES - In development... Melissa Mars is part of "The Un/Desirables" directed by the creative visual artist and director... Read More
TEXAS ZOMBIE WARS - A TRILOGY. Melissa Mars is Doctor Corsine in the upcoming trilogy TEXAS ZOMBIE WARS. Check out... Read More
NEW ACTRESS WEBSITE for Melissa Mars! Black and White. Pure design. Bio, Photos, Press and Reels. All on www.melissamars.net... Read More
ACTION REEL... And the fight begins... Discover Melissa Mars skills in martial arts, combat, danse, as a markswoman in this... Read More
NEW VIDEO IN ARABIC!! Melissa can speak Arabic (among other languages: English, French, Spanish, German...) and she shows it in... Read More
NEW FILM PROJECT: “Better Late than never”… "Olivier Ciappa is a star in France! He is the photographer of an... Read More
VOICE OVER FOR A TERRENCE MALICK MOVIE. Melissa Mars had her first voice over experience for the French version of... Read More