Melissa Mars, actress and singer, well-known for her recent performance in the successful European musical ‘’Mozart the Rock Opera‘’ or for the short scene she played alongside John Travolta in ‘’From Paris with Love’’…, is also a photographer - for a good cause:
“Several years ago I began to have fun taking pictures of kids I happened to see… capturing strong moments both in black and white and in color… recording for posterity those brief moments of childhood which disappear so quickly… too quickly… Far from my mind was the thought that I might put this new hobby to work for a humanitarian cause.”
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2007 - Exhibition about Chinese childhood

2012 - Donation for the Gala of Nation

Working on a new series of photos for a new exhibition… To be followed.

*2012 May 29. - Donation and Auction
Melissa Mars donated an unreleased artwork (photo on the left) printed in PVC 120x80cm (47x31in) for the Gala of Nation organized by the NGO Princess Carina Organization. The Gala will take place on May 29th in Geneva with the collaboration of Innocence en Danger organization.

*2007 November - First Exhibition
Melissa exhibited a series of 23 photographic portraits that she took of children in China during the summer of 2007, which were displayed at the Bound on Avenue George V in Paris; the theme being “The Look of a Child Towards a Smile…Chinese Childhood.” Having opened November 19th, 2007, the eve of Universal Children’s Day, the exhibit which was originally scheduled to last ten days was extended to a month following public demand. Hundreds of viewers were able to take a look at these giant portraits which measured nearly 6 feet long, and support her project to help promote children’s rights.